About Bruckewell

Bruckewell technology Co LTD. registered in Delaware, USA and total capital is 3million USD. Began its business on semiconductor material electronic components in San Jose, California. electronic components in San Jose, California.

In 2007,semiconductor division founded in Taiwan for discrete semiconductor wafer design and branded products, including the bare die level products, Schottky devices, General/ Fast Diodes, TVS/Zener Devices and MOSFET. We supports industrial, communication, consumer, lighting, networking, smartphone and tablet applications

Bruckewell technology Co LTD committed to excellence in design, manufacturing to our customers through the continued development of new products and innovative solutions. Bruckewell technology Co LTD is a discrete semiconductor design company that have the able to offer KGD wafer-level products to provide system-in-package solutions (SiP) and multi-chip package (MCP).

We pride ourselves in our expertise in all areas of power semiconductor technology and business operations, our technical team contribute over 20 years expertise in power semiconductor.

Our aim in becoming a technology innovator timely market partners for our customers.

Mission and Vision

  • To satisfy customers while achieving sound growth with technological products of innovative design, superior quality.
  • We commit ourselves to excellence, create the exceptional value for our customers and partners.


Bruckewell Color
Our primary color and used most often

Used on darker backgrounds

Drak Grey
Used sparingly, like cologne

LOGO Significance

  • Bruckewell comes from the German "Brucke" , meaning "bridge" and English "well"
  • To become synonymous with technical innovation and timely marketing partner
  • The green leaf symbol reflects taking an active part in health & safety and protecting the environment as our responsibility


Core competencies

  • Diode

    Advanced junction trench Schottky diode/ rectifier
    New generation planar ultra fast rectifier

  • FET

    New generation HV MOSFET device, new
    super junction MOSFET

  • ESD

    Advanced Low Cj TVS array ESD protector
    for USB 2.0, 3.0

  • Die

    Thick Metal Hybrid Diode, Au, Al, Ni, Ag metals
    Discrete Bare die for lighting

Innovation business model

In Discrete
Semiconductor field
We design for optimum customer application

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Our Value Proposition

Offer the suitable products for customer, design for X
X = Manufacturability

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Business model

Customer consider the cost breakdown

  • Chip development costs
  • Chip production costs
  • Chip pricing
  • Chip sales process
  • Chip profitability

Choose a right biz model
to get the marketing

Be your Design Partner

In the discrete semiconductor for your Design & IP partner.

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