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About Bruckewell

Bruckewell technology Co LTD committed to excellence in design, manufacturing to our customers through the continued development of new products and innovative solutions. Bruckewell technology corp is a discrete semiconductor design company that have the able to offer KGD wafer-level products to provide system-in-package solutions (SiP) and multi-chip package (MCP).

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Products & Service

SIC Products Introduction

New generation novel SiC products for highly efficient power application.

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Bare Die Introduction

With the advent of multichip modules (MCMs) and system in a package (SiP) applications, customer demand for known good die (KGD) has increased offer the KGD for the discrete products
KGD: Know Good Die
defined by JESD49A
Quality conformance to the applicable method 2010 of MIL-STD-883; methods 2072 and 2073 of MIL-STD-750.


Markets and Resources

Marketing information and relation association.

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